Welcome to this website for Olympic sports training and recreational multi-sports in the Batemans Bay area, New South Wales. There are many trails and routes for cycling and running activities, with many other venues and beaches for swimming and water sports. Beyond these three main triathlon sports, there are a host of wonderful activities in Batemans Bay.

Olympic Standard Triathlon Cycle Routes, Running Trails and Water Sports

The whole area of Batemans Bay has the most challenging cycle routes, running trails, and water sports that are of Olympic training standards. There are cycle routes and running trails that were created with the Olympic triathlon in mind. There is also an Olympic standard swimming centre, as well as open ocean and river swims. Surfing is both a pleasure and challenging at Batemans Bay and provides good training for Olympic standards. The world title surfers, like Steph Gilmore and Layne Beachley both show promise of what to expect at the next Olympic Games. Prospective Olympic surfers will need to train up to these standards for the games, and Batemans Bay would be a good place to train.

Sparklingly Clear Ocean and River

The high quality of the river water from the Clyde River and the clean ocean bay make swimming and water sports even more enticing. The bay area is home to a marine park and also sits below the Murramarang National Park. This is likely to be the reason Batemans Bay has such a pristine and clean natural environment. To be able to use the natural resources of the coastal ocean and bay for sailing and kayaking is a pleasure. Knowing that these natural resources will stay as pristine as they are now for future generations, thanks to the natural national park, will also be appreciated. To see the wildlife and ocean creatures in their natural habitats is wonderful for adults and children alike.

Marine Life and Whale Watching

Visiting the Marine Park in Batemans Bay or taking an escorted trip out to see the whales in their natural environment are two of the main attractions for seeing marine wildlife. Boats or catamarans can be hired for the day and night excursions.

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

Diving, whether scuba-diving or snorkelling is the perfect way to see the dazzling sights of the marine life and colourful plants in the shallow coastal waters of the bay.

Sailing and Kayaking

Both sailing and kayaking are popular sports and activities in Batemans Bay and on the Clyde River. The water from the Clyde River is passes through mountainous terrains on its way to the ocean at Batemans Bay. It is a faster flow of water than the larger bay. Both of these areas of water create different challenges and therefore different techniques of sailing. Using small yachts and catamarans is a good way to explore the bay and the many secluded beaches. Most hires and excursions are escorted by guides who know the area and can add their knowledge to and expertise to your trip.