With routes for cycling and running, plus the swim section of Batemans Bay being ideal for the triathlon, this region is used as one of the training areas for the summer Olympics.

There are various national institutes of sport throughout Australia. The New South Wales Institute of Sport provides world class coaching for promising athletes, to achieve their best performances and training for tournaments, which include the Olympic Games, both summer and winter. The institute supports the welfare and education of athletes while they train, and has had successful athletes achieve medals, including gold, at the Olympics.

With all training, the younger athletes find it easier to use their muscles, to attain their best performance. In Australia, as well as the various government-backed adult institutes for sport, there are now Little Athlete centres. The interest in starting athletic training at a young age has proved to be an advantage in more ways than just physical development and strength and is as more government departments realise how important it is. It has been found that depression in children and young adults can be prevented with physical activity.

There is one opposite opinion to this; from a small school in Victoria, and it is hoped that they become more lenient with sports at this establishment.

The importance of sport in keeping individuals emotionally fit also applies to students at colleges and universities. Studying and preparing for exams can create emotional problems when students can be unwell due to stress. Looking to the future, Australian college students could find that sports play a greater role in wellness while at college.

The Youth Olympic Games held in Buenos Aires, 2018, was a great time for young athletics in Australia. Teenager, Keely Small won the gold medal for the 800 metres race and is looking forward to running at the Tokyo, 2020 Olympics. Many young athletes are training towards the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, and all hope to gain medals. Many people bet on the Olympics, and this is big in Australia, as betting on sports is a very popular past-time.

The Special Olympics are designed to improve the physical and mental welfare of people with intellectual disabilities. Training and competing for these Olympics helps give people more independence and confidence and improves their quality of life. With the training programmes, and achieving physical, athletic goals, many problems that occur with these disabilities can be overcome.