Some new categories of sport have been added to the Olympic Games, and one of these is surfing. This is definitely a sport that Australia has the facilities for, as most of the oceans off the coasts of the continent have the best type of rolling surf for this activity.

If you drive ten minutes south from the Batesman Bay business area, you will arrive at Surf Bay. This beach has a surf club, grassy areas for relaxation, and is patrolled in high season.

The area of coast around Batemans Bay has underwater delights, with incredible gardens of exotic sea plants and marine life under the ocean. This is an exciting place to go snorkelling or scuba-diving. Try diving the barrier reef from here.

There is a marina set in a marine park within the town of Batemans Bay. This is ideally situated for sailing the whole coastal area from the Clyde River. Around the bay are secluded beaches to visit, and clear, beautiful ocean waters to explore. There is a chartered catamaran available for journeys around the bay, with private hire for day and evening trips.

Kayaking around the Clyde River and Snowy Mountains area is a challenging and exciting sport. The mountainous area where the Clyde River sources, allows for stretches of the water to be winding and faster flowing until it runs more smoothly and slowly out to the ocean. This area is used for sports training with kayaks, which can be hired. There are also kayak tours of this beautiful region. Kayaking is also another sport that has recently been added to the Olympic Games official list of events.

Within the marine park in Batemans Bay, there is an area of kayaking for families. It is a safe environment for kayaking, using glass-bottomed boats to view marine life; for instance, sting-rays, crabs and octopus. The marine park has advice on paddling and safety, before setting out on the water. The park has an interesting history, and you are with a guide for the tour.

Have an escorted trip to watch the whales in the clean and beautiful waters of Batemans Bay. This is a trip by kayak to watch the whales. This is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see these beautiful mammals in their natural habitat, from a kayak.

Batemans Bay has tandem skydiving with an instructor. The skydive starts with the briefing from the instructor and getting the safety equipment fitted, which includes a harness and goggles. This is a safe skydive, but still an exhilarating experience. You will be taken up in a plane which rises to 15000 feet. Once you and your instructor jump off the plane, you freefall for 70 seconds, before pulling the ripcord on your parachute to glide down. The skydive is above the coastline with a soft landing onto the beach. You get a bird’s eye view of the coast and beaches of this beautiful area.