This has got to be the ultimate place for swimming. With an Olympic size pool for long swims and a pristine area of water from the Clyde River outdoors, there is nowhere else quite like Batemans Bay, NSW for swimming.

Australia always collects swimming medals wherever they compete. Is this due to the hard work of the swimmers, or do they have better facilities for swimming in Australia? ‘World swimming championships are as important as the Olympic games’. You can read about this quote and find out more. Australian swimmers work hard to get those medals.

One-third of any triathlon is the swimming part. This geographical area has open water swims, indoor and outdoor pool swimming centres, and both types of swimming have their own challenges. If you are training for a triathlon, the challenges you face and overcome will improve your fitness level. Open water swimming in the sea is a challenge and requires a large amount of stamina.

Always make sure the place you want to swim has lifeguard protection if it is near the open ocean. Beaches can have many dangers, so stay between the yellow and red flags where the beach is patrolled. The main dangers are rip tides, so calm waters and bays that have lifeguards are the safest to swim in. If beaches are closed; do not swim until they reopen. If you are going fishing, sailing, or kayaking/canoeing always wear a life-jacket. The weather out over the water can change suddenly and you may need the jacket. Always check the weather, if you are planning water sports of any kind on the ocean.

Off the main roads, in the Murramarang National Park, is the North Head Rock Pool. This is just below Batemans bay and is away from the main beaches. It is open swimming at an idyllic and naturally-formed rock pool. A hidden gem, not to be missed.

The swimming centre at Batemans Bay is open seasonally throughout the year, and mostly in the summer. It is open for public holidays, except for the Christmas holidays. This is a solar-heated open-air pool and provides professional lifeguards for each session. There is a swimming club, where classes are held for learning to swim, and fitness classes with professional coaching. The centre is open for most recreational swimming as well. Schools are also able to use the centre.

There are more water sports in this area than just swimming. Canoeing/kayaking, sailing and surfing are just some of the different sports using the open waters of the bay. Competing surfers, especially ones who compete world-wide, might also use this area when the waves are right for surfing.