This challenging cycle route through Batemans Bay, reaches from Batehaven and the Clyde River estuary, down the coast to Broulee. A beautiful coastline, with pristine waters flowing from the Clyde River and down through Batemans Bay. Many visitors to this region, just want to see the natural beauty and wildlife of the area, and there is a growing number of cycling – triathlon – enthusiasts visiting this coastline. The challenges are greater due to the mountainous area the route takes.

This particular cycle route is of an Olympic standard as a cycle route. Spanning almost 40 km (39.99 km), the route has a total ascent of 137.9 m and a maximum elevation of 61.25 m. This whole route was created in 2013 and is the most challenging of all the cycle routes in this area. The rugged climbs and ascents really make the cyclists work hard to finish this route. Amongst most enthusiasts, this is one challenge they need to accomplish, but it could take more than one try to finish the course.

There are many shorter cycle routes than the ultimate Olympic-style challenge in this coastal area of Batemans Bay. The beautiful scenery, rugged ascents and the challenges these cycle routes bring, attracts many enthusiasts to use these routes. These shorter routes might be useful to practice for longer challenges like the Olympic standard triathlon, and some may be used just to enjoy cycling and exercise. If you’re thinking of visiting the area to try your hand at one or more of the cycling routes, check out the weather before you set off.

Visiting this beautiful coastal area, for either watching the triathlon or trying out some of the routes yourself, you will need somewhere to stay. In Batemans Bay, there is plenty of choice of holiday accommodation. There are a number of hotels, chalets, holiday parks, a motel and holiday apartments. Just outside Batemans Bay, there are plenty of other places to stay for your visit.

When you have decided where to stay, while visiting this beautiful coastline, you will need somewhere to eat. This doesn’t mean you will need to live on fast food, but it is a convenient source of food when you are mainly out-of-doors for most of the day. Whether you are watching cycling or other events or participating yourself, it’s a good idea to know where quick-service food (a preferred description for fast food) is available. Finding really good quality food in a quick-service way is important while you’re away from your own kitchen and source of food. Keeping up your energy levels and staying healthy, you will need to find out where the best quick-service food is for your visit.